Dramatis persona*

helenhead Helen Chick

I've always wanted a bumper sticker that said "I'm a female, LDS/Mormon, Scout leading, geocaching, piano-playing, bicycling, mathematics educator with a PhD in maths ... and I VOTE"!

I think this makes me a minority group of cardinality 1!

* Since there's only one of me and "personae" is plural (I think), I've gone with dramatis persona.
October 2015
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Midlands 2015-#16NS

A day trip for a meeting. I love meetings. Especially when there is marking I should be doing. I love marking. Especially when there is … well, anything, really. (Anyone suspecting that some of those sentences may not have been entirely truthful is probably correct.)

The first photo was taken while waiting for my colleague to pick […]

Moods of the Mountain #69

This was not taken with any black and white filter or editing. I’ve included a wider angle shot to give you an idea of how the first shot fits in with the whole (and which bit is mountain and which is cloud).

The full “Moods of the Mountain collection” […]

Cape Surville

It was a public holiday today, and I’d promised myself — and my parents — a bit of a break from things. I didn’t have definite plans, but Mum had been looking at a map and suggested that we drive to Murdunna and see what happened if we turned left. The road started off convincingly enough, […]

Midlands 2015-#15NS

This particular “Midlands” trip went a little further afield than usual, overnighting in Penguin before going to Burnie and then returning home, and, as it happens, none of the photos were taken in the actual midlands!

So, after driving northward with colleagues after work and spending the night in the NW coast town of Penguin, I had […]

12 of 12, October 2015

Today was a work day, and the weather had a touch of moisture in it. When the mizzle eased, I snuck out of the office and wandered around the nearby gully, taking some photos to capture some of the dampness.

Car bonnet.


Drops of water on the grass and moss.

Drops of water on a blue gum nut.

Prickly thing.

Fern […]

Not far at all

One of the wonderful things about living in Tasmania is that you don’t have to travel very far for a change of scenery.

I’d had a week of being stuck in the office for long hours, and I needed a break for at least a little while on Saturday morning, so I offered to take Mum and […]

Moods of the Mountain #68

A muted mountain.

The full “Moods of the Mountain collection” […]