Dramatis persona*

helenhead Helen Chick

I've always wanted a bumper sticker that said "I'm a female, LDS/Mormon, Scout leading, geocaching, piano-playing, bicycling, mathematics educator with a PhD in maths ... and I VOTE"!

I think this makes me a minority group of cardinality 1!

* Since there's only one of me and "personae" is plural (I think), I've gone with dramatis persona.
November 2010
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The slot of doom and catharsis

As you know, the great office clean up has begun.

There is a big blue, yellow-lidded “confidential waste” bin sitting in my office and whenever I need a break from marking (which is most of the time) I try to find a few more things to throw into it.

There is always a brief nervous moment just before […]

Letting go 1

The office clean up has begun. We are supposed to be moving at the end of January and my new office is going to be quite a bit smaller than my current one. This means that some stuff has to go. Some things are going to be easy to throw away (such as the 100+ reviews […]

Mutant undead worms

The worm farm that I was running in my little back yard came to an untimely heat-induced demise last summer. Where once were thriving workers became then a stinky lifeless morass. They fell off their collective perches, ceased pining for the fjords (or whatever it is that worms pine for), shuffled off their mortal coils, and […]

12 of 12, November 2010

This particular 12 of 12 has a food flavour. I knew there were going to be at least two food-related events during the day, in addition to the usual breakfast and lunch, and so I decided to use this as the theme. In fact, “food” had been on the “reserve list” for theme-hood for a while, […]

Coastal hike

After a week or two of wet and windy weather Saturday dawned gloriously sunny, which was good to see because a small Scout hike was planned (for a small number of our small Scouts). We headed off to Bushranger’s Bay, down on the Mornington Peninsula: two Scouts, one dad, my Assistant Scout Leader, the visiting German […]