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helenhead Helen Chick

I've always wanted a bumper sticker that said "I'm a female, LDS/Mormon, Scout leading, geocaching, piano-playing, bicycling, mathematics educator with a PhD in maths ... and I VOTE"!

I think this makes me a minority group of cardinality 1!

* Since there's only one of me and "personae" is plural (I think), I've gone with dramatis persona.
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Midlands 2016-#12NS

Yesterday I started teaching one of the courses that is going to be responsible for quite a few trips northward in the second half of the year. Because it is winter, and the roads are often icy in the morning, I headed up the day before, leaving much later than I planned and so having to take my northbound photos in Campbell Town in the dark, braced on a badly angled garbage bin that wasn’t quite as stable as I hoped (hence the slight fuzziness).



As for my southbound journey, that turned out to be a bit of a photographic flop as well. My weariness-impaired reflexes and haste meant that I completely failed to stop for a number of potentially nice scenes that I sped past, and then, when I forced myself to stop to try to capture the moon jumping over the cow, my battery went flat, the moon kept going behind the clouds, I couldn’t get the exposure or focus right at the same time with my little camera, and I think I’d driven past a spot that would have given better composition. Still, at least it isn’t a sunset silhouette.


The “midlands” series of photos arises from a personal challenge to take at least one photo on every work-related trip that involves me heading up the Midlands Highway, usually to Launceston where one of the other campuses is located. Being on the lookout for something interesting to photograph helps me to avoid begrudging a trip that could easily become too tedious.

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