2010 Archival News

14 March - Photos of the Mt Martha camp and the Fitzy Cup competition are now available from the Past Activities page.

6-8 March - Well done to the Control Patrol (Caleb (PL), Greg (APL), Ellen, Liam, Aidan, Teresa, Jayden) on winning the Fitzy Cup. Great effort. Also well done to the Kaos Patrol (Bryce (PL), Zoe (APL), Joel, James, Catherine, Laura, Mark) on winning the gateway competition.

2-15 January - A great time was had at the 22nd Australian Jamboree near Sydney. Among the 10000 Scouts and 3400 leaders were Aidan, Bryce, Caleb, James M., Joel, Liam, Zoe, Helen and Matthew. Check out the Past Activities pages for some photos.

2009 Archival News