2009 Archival News

11 June - Well done on a whole lot of badges, especially Liam and Joel with their Pioneer badges. (Now, you just need to get some proficiency badges, guys, so you can get a red cord as well!)

5-8 June - The camp at Rowallan was a great success. See the photos in the "Past Activities" section.

4 June - Catherine and Theresa are now officially Scouts!

17 May - Congratulations to Matthew for finishing his Scout Basic Course on the weekend ... and for teaching a whole bunch of leaders how to sing the Bear Song, cook Chinese Noodle Surprise, and tie a turk's head woggle (check out his own on Thursday!).

14 May
- Congratulations to Greg on achieving his Explorer badge and cord.

7 May - <Drum roll ... > <Loud cheering ... > Well done to Callum and James for earning their Adventurer Cords and the Australian Scout Medallion. A magnificent effort. Yayyyyyyyy!