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helenhead Helen Chick

I've always wanted a bumper sticker that said "I'm a female, LDS/Mormon, Scout leading, geocaching, piano-playing, bicycling, mathematics educator with a PhD in maths ... and I VOTE"!

I think this makes me a minority group of cardinality 1!

* Since there's only one of me and "personae" is plural (I think), I've gone with dramatis persona.
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Happy Christmas 2015

It’s that time of year again — that is, way too close to Christmas day, and with that heady mix of winding down and outright panic that comes with things ending and things still to do. This has been a difficult demanding year, and I’ll be glad to see the back of it, although my head seems to think that next month’s Jamboree is still part of this year, and so won’t regard 2015 as being over until January 17th!

Fitting in the production of the annual Christmas card is always a bit of a challenge, with this year being no exception, but it’s a tradition I still enjoy, and I think this year’s design works quite well and, thankfully, it didn’t take tooooo long to produce. I used Illustrator, which allowed me to do layers, duplicate sheep, give the star some “glow”, and apply drop shadows to give the illusion of depth. (You can check out previous years’ cards by clicking here.)

bChristmasCard2015For me, an important aspect of this yearly creative act is that during the process of creating I get some time to reflect as I work on the design and actual implementation. I reflect on the events of that first Christmas, and the miracles associated with it; I reflect on the year that is coming to an end, and the blessings and challenges it has brought; and I reflect on the importance of the friendships that I enjoy with people I’ve met far and wide over the years, who have influenced me, supported me, guided me, and just been my friend.

My hope is that you will be blessed with joy and good things in your life, and with peace and prosperity in the coming year.

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