12 of 12 - 12 January 2014

Photography the old-fashioned way

So ... what if the camera hadn't been invented yet? I can't remember exactly what prompted this idea — perhaps
seeing one of those historical sketches of Hobart from the early 1800s — but I realised that the accessibility of cameras
and the cheapness of each individual shot has made it riduciulously easy it is to document our lives.

And so, for a challenge, I decided that this month's 12 of 12 would be done the really old fashioned way. It'd be better
if I had a bit more artistic ability, and maybe 12 pictures in one day was a bit ambitious.


Click here to start with the first picture and progress through the sequence.

Click on an individual photo to enlarge that one.


Photos taken by Helen Chick; © 2014.